Styled Glam Studio & Winter Maternity Session in Penticton, B.C.

I loved styling and shooting this glam Maternity session with Randa from the Bewicthin Kitchen. We typically book Maternity sessions for when my clients are between 28 to 35 weeks pregnant. We scheduled Randa's Maternity session at 27 weeks as she already had the perfect bump size. Generally speaking, I like to book maternity sessions before any swelling and before you get too uncomfortable cause we all know how the last month of pregnancy can be! Simple things such as sleeping becomes harder or you may have acid reflex or you could be on bed rest so it is best to schedule your session before these things happen unless your one of the lucky ones who don't experience any of these things!

The first maternity gown Randa choose to wear was from my closet here at LWP made by a well-known company Sew Trendy /. Sew Trendy Fabrics are custom produced and they are made from luxe jersey and stretch lace fabrics to meet stretch and weight tests for sizing consistency, versatility, and durability. All fabrics at Sew Trendy are custom dyed and best of all, they are machine washable for easy care! I love to carry a variety of gowns for my clients to choose from as they can be pretty pricey to purchase after conversions and duty fees this way every Mama has access to a beautiful gown to wear with none of the cost and wait times to have them custom made. To view all my maternity gowns in the Little Wildflowers Photography closet please visit this link To achieve this beautiful white studio set up at home you can place a sheet or white curtain in front of a tall window or shoot with studio lights, this is one of my favorite look and it's timeless.

Randa wanted a red/maroon dress to wear in the snow so she decided to rent this beautiful maroon Maternity gown from a company called KCMae Boutique an online Maternity store who has a variety of maternity dresses for photographers or clients they can be found here Since shooting this maternity session I now carry a very similar maternity gown that I received from KCMae Boutique it is also a maroon off the shoulder style that is a gorgeous crushed velvet with a very long train. To see this gown please visit my maternity page

Speaking about great websites you need to check out Randa's website it's all about food and recipes she has so many delicious meal plans. What I love the most is her dedication to nutrition and health all while being a Mom to her two sweet children. Whatever recipe you're looking for she has everything from gluten-free to dairy-free options. She also has some pretty awesome advice about Disneyland so if you're looking to take a trip you must check out Randa's website here

If you're looking for a custom Maternity session we can plan this together you have the option of having your session outdoors or indoors or both depending on the package you choose. You will also have access to my maternity gowns that fit most expecting Mothers ranging in sizes small to XXL. I can also recommend what to wear for your entire family if you would like to include them on this special day so you all coordinate but don't look too matchy-matchy. Please see my investment page here for packages and more information. We can also get you a reserve your Newborn sessions as these can get booked up fast.

Maternity gown in Penticton BC
Pregnant woman in white Maternity gown in Penticton BC
Glam white studio maternity photo-shoot in kelowna BC
maternity photoshoot in snowy kelowna bc
Preganant woman wearing white maternity gown in Penticton BC
maternity photoshoot in snowy Penticton bc