So when do you book your newborn session?

So when is the best time to book your newborn session? As a professional newborn photographer, I always recommend reserving a spot for your newborn session when you book your Maternity session. I only take a few babies each month to ensure I can fit each of my clients in while still having time for other sessions. One of the reasons newborn photographers only accept a limited amount of babies each month is that it is impossible to schedule newborn sessions for your due date or predict when a baby will actually be born! So how do we book your newborn session without knowing when a baby will decide to come? Once your baby arrives I will need you or your partner to contact me within 24 hours of baby's arrival or preferably when you go into labor. We will then set a date and book you in before your baby is fourteen days old so we can capture this fleeting moment. Newborn sessions are my favorite for capturing those tiny details such as those tiny lips, pudgy cheeks, peach fuzz, and baby rolls. They grow so fast at this stage and they will only have this fresh newborn look for a few weeks and before you know it your baby is one month old and has changed so much. I wish newborn photography was a thing when I had my kids so I could have some fine art portraits of them to hang on our walls. Please message me to discuss your Maternity and Newborn sessions at or via my contact form here

Newborn baby with sister laying on bed - Newborn photographer in Penticton
Newborn baby with headband - Newborn photographer in Penticton
Newborn baby in posed bucket - Newborn photographer in Penticton